Sunday, 28 August 2016

"SlothCat Cooks" Take Two - Pasta Night

Well, it's been awhile... but... I'm officially back! Yes... that's right... this is "SlothCat Cooks" Take Two. For those of you not familiar with "SlothCat Cooks" Take One... it was a little blog I created several years ago where I documented my attempts at cooking. For various reasons, I stopped cooking a few years ago and my blog slowly disappeared into the abyss (along with any of the few kitchen skills I had mastered at the time). 

I have a little one now in tow who is only a few months away from transitioning to solids and, currently, I am still a kitchen disaster. So... it's probably time I start cooking again. 

Feel free to join in on the fun. This is likely going to be one heck of a kitchen adventure with more than just a few mishaps, I am sure ;)  

On the menu tonight: spicy Italian sausage, kale, shredded tomato, garlic pasta. The tomatoes and kale are actually straight out of my garden! Woohoo! My tomatoes may not have done very well this year (this is actually all we have had come in so far) but we have had an endless supply of the tastiest kale so there really is no complaining here. Home grown veggies are so yummy.

For this recipe, I was inspired by a dish I had when visiting my parents recently. My dad made a simple sauce out of shredded tomatoes and garlic and it was SO good. I got him to walk me through it and I am pretty sure I remembered it all... except he did say something about starting with olive oil and finishing with butter... but I don't remember if he was referring to the pasta noodles or the sauce.... so... I started both with olive oil and finished both with butter... ;) I added the kale and sausage because I didn't have enough tomatoes.

What I learned:

1. Shredding tomatoes is awesome (I'm not being sarcastic... The texture is perfect)
2. My portions were way off - I chopped way too much kale (I'm saving a bunch and will turn it into a salad tomorrow) and there really wasn't enough of the amazing shredded tomato
3. I'm paranoid about meat being undercooked so, in all honesty, I microwaved the entire dish after tasting one bite of the sausage (I'm pretty sure it was already cooked but I just wanted to be 100% sure - I know, I have a problem) - I'm sure that takes away from the deliciousness of the dish.
4. I didn't make enough sauce (more tomatoes were needed).

Overall, it was easy to make, quick and turned out pretty darn tasty. I'd make it again.

Sorry for the photo blur... I'll work on that too.

Time to eat! 

Night all,

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